My PR Professional: Brittany Malon

Brittany (Klinedinst) MalonImage Credit via LinkedIn

I had the pleasure of working with Brittany Malon for my interview with a PR professional. She works as a Communications Coordinator for Pendleton Vet. Clinic. Brittany has mostly done advertising, event planning, and also website and social media work. She was able to give me so much insight as to how to succeed in this career field. I asked her six questions out of the 14 questions we were able to pick from.

Question 1: What do you do to keep current in the PR industry?

Brittany answered that by having a lot of friends in the industry, you seem to be able to help one another out with the job. She also says that when she sees an opportunity, she jumps on it right away because there is always someone else wanting that position you may have.

Question 2: What do you wish you would have known before starting your career in PR?

Brittany simply said how rapidly the market changes! She feels that she has to stay up on everything, especially social media networks because of how fast the market is changing.

Question 3: How important is writing in your career?

Brittany said that 95% of what she does is writing! That’s pretty much majority of what she does! Examples of that would be communication letters and also blogs.

Question 4: What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

1. Networking- Get to know a lot of people, that way when the time comes, “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours!”

2. Never quit your education- In this industry you are always learning new things each and every day. In order to keep up, you need that foundation, which is your education.

3. Have a “thick skin”- Not everybody is going to like your ideas. With that being said, you have to gain some sort of patience and also that “thick skin” in order to help you not to give up just because somebody might not agree with you or not like your ideas.

Question 5: Did your education prepare you for working in PR? How?

Brittany said that her education definitely gave her an idea of what she did and did not like to do. It gave her a better feel of what she wanted to do, and it also helped her cut through the crap!

Question 6: What has surprised you the most about working in PR?

Brittany said how hard it is because of how everything is constantly changing. She said that it’s tough to survive in a fast pace environment as well.

This interview was very insightful for me as a student having a concentration in PR because I know that I am one of those people who get somewhat upset if somebody doesn’t agree with me or like my ideas. After speaking with Brittany and getting to know about her background, helped me know that I can do this as well! Education is key in this industry, so with that I know that if I work hard, I will be able to do the things that I want to do, and also succeed.


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