American Cancer Society PR Plan

Public Relations Plan Overview

The objectives of our promotional efforts will be to:

  • Increase awareness of the American Cancer Society
  • Increase donations
  • Position American Cancer Society as a positive, vital force in the community
  • Establish viable working partnerships with the American Cancer Society

This strong, working public relations plan will include:

  • Identifying and targeting existing markets
  • Identifying and targeting partnership opportunities for the American Cancer Society
  • Identifying reasonable timelines to achieve the desired goals
  • Developing appropriate tools to effectively communicate the desired message or messages to American Cancer Society’s target markets as follows:

Internal Markets

  1. American Cancer Society clients
  2. Staff:  Brogan Lucas, Alexis Smith, Dayton Ehrlich, Terence Jarrett, Blakely Slusher, Rachel Bibbs, Melissa Abrams, Shannon Cooke, Parker Shearer
  3. Advisors/committees:  Krista Steinmetz and Jennifer Mullen
  4. Vendors:  American Cancer Society
  5. Additional internal audiences identified by your organization:  Bless the Mic

External Markets, Current and Potential

  1. General population markets including the following current and potential markets in Terre Haute, Indiana
    • Students
    • Faculty
  2. Community service leaders and organizations
    • Indiana State University
    • American Cancer Society
  3. News media



Heighten public awareness and enlist active moral and financial support for American Cancer Society as a cancer awareness organization for the Students of ISU and Vigo County.


Utilize proven communications tools to effectively reach the target audiences.

Tactics: Staff Recognition

Recognize and reinforce staff recognition of the important role each member plays in the public image of the American Cancer Society

  • Invite staff participation in public relations activities
  • Promote staff via news releases, email, web and social media with features
  • Assist staff in obtaining speaking opportunities

Special Event

Identify and coordinate participation opportunities for American Cancer Society in the community and through charitable events such as Bless the Mic. Set up a table in the back of Dede I to collect donations and hand out pamphlets. Ask a representative from the Vigo County chapter of the American Cancer Society to speak at the event.

Performance Measures

Increased awareness and heightened support and enthusiasm for American Cancer Society and Bless the Mic. This will be measured by how much was raised with donations and comparing the guest number of Bless the Mic to its last shows. Our goal is to raise at least 20 dollars to give to the Vigo County Relay for Life representative.


Research, write, design and supervise production of publications developed to reach each of the target audiences with the appropriate message as well as continue to develop and maintain the American Cancer Society’s mail and email lists of contacts, prospective contacts, business and industry leaders, internal audiences and media.

Publications Examples

Write and expose a press release



Bless the Mic providing flyers with the American Cancer Society logo on them to announce the date, time and cost of the event. Blakely will also create a flyer to hang around campus and to pass announcing that the American Cancer Society will be featured at Bless the Mic.

Promotional Materials

American Cancer Society will provide promotional/awareness materials such as magnets, pens and brochures.

Internet Materials

In the ongoing effort to more effectively reach the audience targets with information about American Cancer Society and Bless the Mic, explore opportunities for increased Internet presence, increasing social media posts, and publicizing Internet presence on website and social media. We will create a Facebook invite to the event that tells the time, date of the event and what our group will be doing there.

News Media Relations


Increase enrollment, heighten public awareness for an American Cancer Society event at Bless the Mic.


Name a staff member to act as mass media contact for the American Cancer Society, working with newspaper:  Melissa Abrams and Alexis Smith


Write up a press release.


Social Media


Increase enrollment, heighten public awareness and support of the American Cancer Society.

Strategy:  Name an experienced staff member to act as social media coordinator for the American Cancer Society posting information daily to develop solid relationships and build brand loyalty:  Shannon Cooke

Tactics:  We will create a Facebook invite to the event. We will acquire Bless the Mic’s Instagram password and login information to post. We will also acquire their twitter information.

username – Blessthemicisu

password – Blessthemic9


  • Develop message guidelines
  • Develop message timelines
  • Develop appropriate social media messages



Increase enrollment and awareness of the American Cancer Society and Bless the Mic among target publics.


Develop appropriate advertising budgets and materials, research opportunities and place ads in media which fit the target markets as required for the American Cancer Society.


  • Create Twitter account for the event
  • Create a Facebook invite for the event
  • Fliers

Performance Measures:

Followers did not increase due to a lack of proper timing and exposure of the event.




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