5 Tips On Making An Effective Press Release


Image Credit: Mike Bailey-Gates via Compfight 

Going into my Intro to PR class, I had no idea about press releases or how to do them. I honestly wasn’t for sure on what they actually were either, until it was explained to me what exactly a press release is. So once I found out what a press release was, I decided to research some tips on making an effective press release because some of the press releases that we have read in class were quite, well, not so good. So with that being said, this assignment that was assigned to us really can help me and hopefully help others on how to write an effective press release. The website that I found gave 10 tips, but I will only be doing the first five tips.

Tip 1: Incorporate the most important information at the beginning. When writing a press release, make sure that the most important information is put at the beginning, that way people actually know what the situation is about. Sometimes you could start off with a life story or also add ground breaking facts as well to draw the people in to what they are reading before it begins.

Tip 2: Write the release in the perspective of your audience. For example, pretend as if you are one of the people reading your release. By doing this, it will help you to understand the pieces of information that may interest you, and in doing so, would interest your readers also. This could also help your readers to relate to your viewpoint.

Tip 3: Do not put in too many facts or promotional taglines to your release. In order to get your facts across and points, you must do it in a respectful and presentable manner. It is important that you make a press release that is respectful towards your readers, and with that being said, when trying to describe certain products, you should be giving concise and simple messages.

Tip 4: Offer to donate to a worthy cause.You could have a very effective press release if you off to donate to a certain worthy cause. The reason why this is important is because people like to see different companies or individuals helping others. So with that being said, you could receive a lot of free promotion and it could also boost your image if you make a donation to a specific cause.

Tip 5: Relate your services or products to a national or local news event. You can relate current national or local issues that are affecting people, such as unemployment rates or also the energy crisis. With this, if you are able to give any type of solution in any way, this could bring you publicity.


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