How to Become a Great Blogger

Image Credit: Gerry Moran via

As I was wondering on what I could say about blogging, I looked up a great article that was able to sum up pretty much everything that I needed to know about blogging. First off, in order to be a good blogger, one must make sure they have a title for their post. Most times in order to catch the reader’s eye, I think that it should be a title that is catchy, to draw that reader in. Second, when creating the blog, make sure that you get straight to the point in the very first paragraph. You don’t want to bore your reader by beating around the bush most of the blog and then finally tell them what they actually wanted to know towards the end of the article.Third, after you’ve stated the main point within the first paragraph, make sure that you follow that paragraph with sidenotes of points about the main idea from that first paragraph.

Another part to becoming a good blogger, is the writing style of the blog. When writing a blog, it should be informal, and also friendly. Usually it’s always good to use first person, and reference from your own experiences. I know that from my blogging experience, I’m pretty much new to all of this, so I thought that this article was very helpful to me in a sense. Another big thing that I found out from reading the article was to be polite, honest, and respectful of other people’s cultures and opinions. I found this to be very important because you can’t force your own beliefs on someone else. It just doesn’t work like that.


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