Social Media is Taking Over!


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Over the years, technology has found numerous ways to get news out to the public, and in today’s society, social media is probably the biggest outlet thus far to be able to get news out to people. Many people who have social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, probably wouldn’t think that they would be getting as much news as they do, but they are! In an article from the PewResearch Center by Monica Anderson, she answered five questions that discussed how social media is reshaping news, and one of the questions was, “How do social media sites stack up on news?” Her response was, “When you take into account both the total reach of a site (the share of Americans who use it) and the proportion of users who get news on the site, Facebook is the obvious ( news powerhouse among the social media sites. Roughly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults use the site, and half of those users get news there — amounting to 30% of the general population.” She also went on to say that after Facebook, YouTube holds the next biggest pathway to news with about half of Americans using it, and a fifth of them getting news from it. Twitter comes third with 16% of Americans using it and half of them get news from there, and with only 3% of Americans using Reddit, they still receive a good amount of news from it.

All in all, social media is, in a sense, becoming the biggest outlet for news in today’s society. Most people tend to lean more towards social media for news, rather than the usual news outlets, such as Fox 59 and ABC news. With our generation today, social media is prominent because not only do Americans have these different pages, but with all of the news that gets surfaced on them, Americans have no choice but to see it. So although social media is taking over, it just might be something good for Americans to use for news.


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