Starbucks in China Did What!?


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Unfortunately, Starbucks Bank of China Tower made a very bad decision that is probably costing the company a lot of money, not just controversy. It was said that Starbucks Bank of China Tower has been using toilet water to brew their coffee! The Starbucks Bank of China Tower doesn’t have faucets or other water outlets of its own, so with that being said, employees go to a public toilet, pushing water tanks there to fill them up, and them walk back with them to brew it with their coffee. The public toilet is about 230 feet from the Starbucks Bank of China branch. The way this was found out was by local media,  Apple Daily, who released a video taken by a hidden camera showing Starbucks employees doing such acts previously stated. After the video was released, Starbucks Bank of China Tower began to get a lot of backlash. When the spokesman for the branch was interviewed about the situation, he admitted to using the toilet water for brewing their coffee. Local sanitation officers didn’t agree with what Starbucks was doing, therefore putting a foot forward saying that the branch’s method and source of water for their coffee blends were most definitely disobeying sanitation rules and regulations. They also stated that the branch should be sanctioned immediately. “No matter how often it is cleaned, there will always be a certain amount of various bacteria in the restroom, so serving customers food or drink made with water from there is simply unacceptable,” the head of Hong Kong Food and Beverages stated according to a reprimand statement that was issued. From this point on, Starbucks Bank of China Tower tried to fix what they messed up. After this whole ordeal, the branch began to receive a lot of backlash from this incident, causing many people to leave mean comments and so forth on their Facebook page, and much more. Once the branch saw this happening, they took action immediately. The branch announced that they would stop getting water from the toilet and instead create a budget for bottled purified water to use and make their coffee with.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks in China Did What!?

  1. This story made me cringe! I cannot believe they thought it would be okay to use toilet water to brew their coffee and then actually serve it to the public! I don’t know about you but to me the things companies will do to stay ahead in the business sickens me. I wish the days of working hard and earning your money were still around even if that does make me sound old. Thank you for sharing this ridiculous story Rachel! We need to inform people of these money hungry companies.

  2. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… I can’t believe this! I never had Starbucks and it doesn’t look like I will be trying the China Starbucks. I’m just shocked on how they used toilet water to make their delicious coffee, that I am always hearing about. Good finding on the story

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